Customer Questions and Answers

The questions and answers below were created by Amazon customers, who are not affiliated or in any way officially connected with VAVA. Please follow their advice at your own discretion.

Q: Can two cameras be controlled by the same app for front and rear applications? 

A: Yes, I bought two of these cameras for my front and back windshields. Works great! I recommend renaming them in the settings like "Front" and "Back".

Q: How long does the parking mode will last . Will the battery last that long if no one hit my car?

A: 1The recording time of parking monitoring is 15S. When the device is fully charged, triggering parking monitoring can trigger about 100-160 times. 2. When the device is fully charged, the device can be completely discharged after about 4 months to 5 months.

Q: What is the name for the app in google play?

A: VAVA Dash

Q: Can it connect to the car's fuse box? 

A: If you need to connect the car's fuse box, you need to Car buck line. You need to convert the 12v of the car battery into buck line of the 5v output. If you has strong hands-on ability, you can buy the car buck line and diy

Q: I can not connect to it from the last update 

A: The first step is to forget the device wifi, then reinstall the app, ensure that the app has network permissions (data and wifi are required), open the app in a networked state, wait a moment, close the app, the background process should also be turned off, and then Open the app and follow the app's boot to connect to the device.

Q: Is it 24 x 7 recording when connected on a reliable power resource? 

A: Yes it is.

Q: How long can the battery record video for ?

A: Our machine has built-in 320mA high-temperature lithium battery for parking monitoring function. Parking monitoring is 15s per recording. When the battery is fully charged, it can support 100-150 parking monitoring.

Q: Where do my downloads go when I am using an Apple device?

A: 1. When you previews the APP file, click the video that you needs to be downloaded. The video is downloaded to the APP and is not saved to the mobile phone. 2. When you previews the APP file, click the video that to be downloaded, play the video and then click the icon of the logo at the bottom of the video to download the video to the mobile phone. The storage location is the mobile phone photo.

Q: I am unable to pull up travel recordings and I want to know where my recordings go is it my sd card? I want to continuously record.

A: 1, the video and pictures are in the SD card, you can view through the APP, you can also pull out the card to view on the computer; 2. The device has been continuously recording since it was turned on.

Q: Is the app user friendly?

A: Si es muy amigable y fácil de usar